Scubapro Seawing Nova Review

The Sewing Nova are the new scuba fins from SCUBAPRO. There revolutionary looking Scubapro fins looks like no other fins on the market today.

These fins incorporates classic Scubapro fins technology with modern day materials and new cutting edge hydrodynamic design, to make a fin that is both efficient and light waight.

They claims these pair of fins has everything a diver needs, the manoeuvrability, acceleration and power of a paddle fins, and the effortless speed and efficiency of a split fin.

Below is a video review of the fins, in the video you can get a closer look at some of the feature Scubapro has interoperate in these new fins.

Basic Finning Techniques

Finning is one of the most basic skills we learn while scuba diving, and something that many of us already know how to do before staring the open water course. This is because it comes almost natural to us, similar to running.

However, just because we know how to run, it does not mean that we know how to run properly. Similar to the  pleasure and efficiency that an experience runner feel from the proper techniques, so can scuba diver enjoy there dive more with the best finning techniques.

Below is a an instructional video to help you familiarize yourself with some of the Basic Finning techniques.

Watch this video on Youtube here

Mares X-Stream Scuba Fins Review

The X-stream is the revolutionary fins from Mares. These fins are made from 3 different martial, each with there own Purpose. The end result is a very comfortable but lightweight pair of fins that are very stable and deliver a lot of snap. 

The foot pocket of the fins are also perforated, this helps eliminate the  parachute effect many experienced by other dive fins. It also stop the sucking effect when you try to take your feet out of the fins. 

The fins comes with Mares ABS Plus buckles as as well. This allows you to take the fins off with out losing your fins adjustment. 

Below is a video review of the Mares X-Stream Fins, the news line of Mares fins

Click Here for Divers Review and Pricing of the Mares X-Stream

also, you can get a more detail review of the X-Stream scuba fins by going here

Choosing The Best Scuba Fins - A Basic Guide

We as humans are simply not design to move gracefully underwater. It normally takes tremendous effort on our part just to more a few feet underwater. For us to swim more effectively underwater we use scuba fins. Have the right pair of fins should feel natural, like an appendage, and should propel us through the water with less effort as possible.

Below is a quick video on how to choose the right scuba diving fins. The video goes over, the many type and features available in scuba diving fins.