Hollis F2 Fins Review

Hollis F2 Fins Review

The F2 Fins from Hollis is made from light weight Monoprene and uses a compact blade design which makes these fins perfect for the travelling diver.

Although these fins has a shorter blade design than tradition fins it has a double layer blade design which  increase the surface area of the blade, which in turn make them just as efficient as large bladed fins.

Also, specially designed vents in the blade help accelerate water over the blade, this reduce the stress most diver experience on their foot and ankles.

Spring Straps makes these fins easy to get on and off with one hand. Also, the straps can easily be moved between two mounting points to ensure that you get the right fit. 


Scubapro Jet Fins Review

The Scuapro Jet fins has been around since before  I was born.  They have been a favourite for many divers since 1965 and are still a popular choose for professional diver today as well as the military.

These Scubapro fins features a simple but effective vented design that grammatically reduce drag on the upstroke and increased trust when you are on the down-stroke.

They come with an adjustable fin strap, but also available with a new spring heel strap option.

Below is a quick review of these tried and true fins.